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"EyesClosed" 2021

"EyesClosed" 2021

16" X 20" oil on canvas



I regularly take the time to sit and focus my mind and work on creating greater awareness of myself and my surroundings. I find it incredibly peaceful to sit outside, close my eyes and focus on the sounds around me and focus on my other senses - the wind through the trees, the bird calls etc..While I was hyper-focused on my own being one day I realized the shapes and colors I was seeing with the sunlight coming through my eyelids even with my eyes closed. This painting represents what I had seen that day without actually looking. Take time to tune into your other senses and I think you'll appreciate the peace that follows.

  • Specifications

    Every original painting includes a monogram stamp on the back of the canvas along with the artwork title and the artist's signature. Also included is a printed certificate of authenticity. No returns.

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