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From my earliest memories, the world of art has been an integral part of my life, thanks to the innate artistic talents of my mother. Growing up surrounded by drawings, paintings, and ceramics, I found solace and connection in the vibrant realm of artistic expression. While my family leaned towards athleticism, I stood on the outskirts, my heart devoted to art, sharing this passion for art with the one person who truly understood – my mother.


Despite my deep appreciation for the arts, I struggled with feelings of inadequacy, perceiving my artistic abilities as lacking compared to others. Unconsciously tethered by self-doubt, I relegated my creations to mere "fridge art," symbolic tokens of support from a loving mother but seemingly insignificant in the wider world of art.


The loss of my mother to a swift battle with cancer propelled me back into the realm of painting as a means of navigating grief. As I invested time and resources into my art, a rediscovery of my core spirit unfolded – a therapeutic journey that became my sanctuary. Through painting, I felt a continued connection to my mother, a conduit for our relationship to persist through the creative process.


Gradually, I shared my artwork with friends and family, finding unexpected validation and support that countered a lifetime of self-doubt. Questions about talent and comparison began to dissipate. I realized that the essence of creating art was not to meet external expectations but to cultivate a personal journey of self-expression and healing.


Despite my professional life in technology, I've come to recognize that my true identity is deeply rooted in creativity and the arts. Art, for me, is not a pursuit to appease critics or conform to expectations; it is a personal endeavor that brings purpose, meaning, and self-acceptance.


As I navigate the realms of artistic expression as an emerging artist, my current inclination leans toward the abstract. Yet, I resist confining my art to a specific style or technique. What matters most is the genuine inspiration that guides my creative process. I paint because I am compelled to do so, finding renewal and fulfillment in every stroke.

I invite you to explore my website, a testament to my journey as an emerging artist. Subscribe to my newsletter, share my website with others, and join me as I strive to broaden the awareness of my art.


Thank you for taking the time to connect with me and my creations.


Kent Norton
Technologist and Artist

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