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As a new artist, I am excited to get to share my art journey with you!  Once a month I will send out an artist update email to my fans and followers that have subscribed.  I'll include information and images on recently completed projects and new and in-progress art projects.    I'll include more narrative about me, my process, my goals, as an artist, and any upcoming events or showings along with any related updates for my storefronts.  If you would like to receive updates from me this will be the best way to connect with me on a regular basis.

Also, I release some regular artist updates but in an abbreviated form on my socials, so you can access those using the icons in the upper left of my site pages.

Here is an archive of all my past newsletters - I know some of you may be allergic to newsletter subscriptions so I'm putting all my past ones here to check out at your pleasure without having to take that big step of signing up.  If you like what you see please consider subscribing so you always get the latest and greatest version emailed to you before it gets posted here later on.

Portrait Kent Norton in Coffee Shop

Thanks for joing my newsletter! I'll be sure to get the next one out to you.

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