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Original Painting If Only

"If Only" - Original Painting

Original Painting

16x20 Oil on Canvas


"If Only" is a captivating abstract exploration that delves into the intricate tapestry of life's myriad possibilities and the complex decisions that shape our individual narratives. With a vibrant palette dominated by oranges and teals, this painting invites viewers to contemplate the amalgamation of choices and experiences that converge to define our unique identities.


The bold brushstrokes, coarse and square in nature, mirror the decisive yet often unpredictable nature of the paths we choose. The interplay of oranges and teals on the canvas evokes a dynamic tension, symbolizing the diverse array of decisions and experiences that come together to form the mosaic of our existence.


In the realm of "If Only," each brushstroke becomes a deliberate choice, a conscious inclusion in the narrative of self. The coarse texture hints at the grit and complexity inherent in life's decisions, while the square forms suggest the structured framework within which these choices are made. The overall composition, characterized by a sense of movement and depth, captures the fluidity and interconnectedness of our life's journey.


The predominant use of oranges infuses the painting with warmth and vitality, symbolizing the richness of experiences and the passions that shape us. Teals, in contrast, introduce a sense of introspection and depth, representing the complexities and challenges that color our paths. The coexistence of these vibrant hues serves as a visual metaphor for the intricate dance between our desires and the realities we navigate.


"If Only" prompts viewers to reflect on the profound nature of choice and the mosaic of possibilities that unfold with each decision. Through a bold and textured display of oranges and teals, the painting invites contemplation on the deliberate construction of our identities, urging us to acknowledge the importance of the diverse elements we choose to include in the complex canvas of our lives.

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