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"Shore" 2023

"Shore" 2023

16x20 Oil on Canvas.


"Shore" is an evocative abstract painting that captures the essence of a serene ocean wave gently embracing the shore. The canvas unfolds with a harmonious palette of tan, aquamarine, and white, mirroring the tranquil dance between land and sea. Soft, fluid brushstrokes convey the rhythmic motion of the wave as it gracefully rolls onto the shore, embodying a delicate balance of power and grace. The tonal nuances within the tan hues evoke the sandy embrace of the coastline, while the aquamarine and white hues intricately capture the ephemerality of seafoam and the translucent clarity of the ocean depths. "Shore" invites viewers to immerse themselves in the soothing simplicity of this abstract seascape, where the interplay of color and form resonates with the timeless beauty of the eternal dance between wave and shore.

  • Specifications

    Every original painting includes a monogram stamp on the back of the canvas along with the artwork title and the artist's signature. Also included is a printed certificate of authenticity. No returns.

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